Rochester New York has been the home to many influential world-wide corporations. Sadly, the economy of Rochester has suffered over the last decade. The Kodak building stands tall as a reminder that innovation and change are integral parts of a business' ability to remain competitive. My goal is not to explore what went wrong with companies like Kodak, but rather to explore how Rochester can throw its hat back into the ring and bring back big business to Upstate NY.

Bringing Jobs and Business Back to Rochester New York: Finnovation Product Development Reporting for Duty

3D printing company Rochester NYRochester is home to many talented, yet unemployed, engineers and designers. The city has the resources, capability, and drive to produce quality global goods. What our city needs is the leadership and competitive edge to get back on top. This competitive edge is Rapid Prototyping and 3D Printing Technology. Finnovation Product Development is committed to providing the leadership necessary to bring this technology to the forefront of manufacturing while using Rochester NY's already rich engineering and design resources.

The bottom line for survival in the highly competitive business world comes down to one basic concept, "maximum efficiency." The world of design and manufacturing is changing, and it's changing rapidly. Rapid prototyping and 3D printing technology is the driving force behind this change. When a company is set up to design and manufacture products using 3D printing technology, the company becomes immediately leaner and greener. The potential to produce independently increases instantly. Job's that were formally sent to foreign countries can be completed at home, fast, and for far less than current manufacturing methods. The time from idea to prototype immediately speeds up, as designs are printed within hours and feet from the designers who devised them.

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Currently Finnovation Product Development operates as a small business offering virtual and physical prototyping. Additionally, Finnovation Product Development offers 3D printing services to print your own CAD parts. We produce prototypes and designs faster than international corporations. We do this using the latest in Parametric Virtual Modeling software and the latest in Rapid Prototyping Technology. Finnovation Product Development is able to do this with less overhead and waste/scrap. This is the sustainable business model of the future. For example, Finnovation will never have to rent warehouse space to store 10,000 widgets as our widgets are produced as needed and stored on a secure hard drive. This allows for competitive, lean spending on all small-scale production. As 3D printing technology gains in popularity large-scale production will also be able to reap the benefits of rapid prototyping in the form of Direct Digital Manufacturing. European markets have designed, printed, and flown an aircraft made "almost entirely" of 3D printed parts. The UAV aircraft is made of mostly of nylon. Plans are underway to print entire airplane wings out of titanium for commercial passenger planes.

When properly applied, 3D printing and rapid prototyping technology will propel your business to the forefront of design and manufacturing. You will be able to compete at the highest level with the latest technology while achieving a profitable and efficient operation. In Rochester New York, Finnovation Product Development is committed to leading you to the cutting edge of design and manufacturing.

***UPDATE: As of January 2013 FPD offers in-house Selective Laser Sintering via the 3D Systems sPro SLS Production Grade 3D Printer. With this technology, FPD can produce end use parts made from durable nylon composites including carbon fiber. FPD specializes in delivering engineering grade parts faster than any other provider on earth.