Ideal for all phases of 3D print prototyping, ABSi plastics allow manufacturers to bridge the gap between lightweight function, high detail and reliable durability.  While it bears many of the physical characteristics of its ABS plastic family member, ABSi has been shown to demonstrate significantly increased strength and impact resistance.

Lifelike 3D Print Concepts of Superior Strength

If you're in a manufacturing environment where a prototype's fine detail, is as crucial as its ability to withstand extensive testing and natural elements, ABSi is an outstanding material to consider.  It's reliability and precision can be tailored so meticulously, that it is now among the leading resins used in the manufacturing of medical devices, nanotechnology, intricate aircraft  & engine parts, as well as scores of other 3D prototyping and design applications.

  • For prototypes that mirror the finished product design
  • We 3D print industrial-grade ABSi prototypes using your files
  • Offers exceptional durability & heat resistance over ABS
  • Ideal thermoplastic for transparent & translucent applications
  • Commonly used for both prototypes and line-ready designs

Why Finnovation 3D Printing for ABSi Prototypes

For the 3D print experts at Finnovation, this is more than just our job.  We've dedicated our lives to expanding the boundaries of what conceptual designs and rapid prototypes can be.  By integrating materials that are extensively tested and reliable, with cutting edge 3D print technology, we're proud to be behind some of today's most innovative new products.

When it comes to using ABSi plastics, we understand what it means to our clients.  Remarkable details, relentless strength and the ability to withstand whatever elements it faces; this is what drives us to seek out innovative new ways to evolve our ABSi 3D printing capabilities.

Call Finnovation and set your vision in motion

Thriving in today's historically-competitive economy means staying several steps ahead of the competition, not just one.  If prototype integrity is something your business relies on for branding, sales, presentations and more, Finnovation offers the best range of thermoplastics allowing you to create concept models that are true-to-life and visually superior.