Direct Metal Laser Sintering (aka DMLS) is an additive manufacturing (3D Printing) process that is similar to the Selective Laser Sintering process with a few critical differences. The main difference being the metal material as opposed to Nylon based plastics. Direct Metal Laser Sintering allows for many of the same design freedoms as Selective Laser Sintering and provides the strength of ferrous and non-ferrous metals which are used in the most demanding engineering environments. Direct Metal Laser Sintering is a game changer in the Aerospace sector as well as Medical. Fully utilizing additive manufacturing practices and process via DMLS is a driving force in the advancement of design and engineering projects where peak efficiency is critical.

Via a strategic partnership, Finnovation now offers DMLS services nationwide and utilizes over a decade of material and process development in coordination with the US Government to ensure your designs function as intended in the most demanding environments. This allows your company to take advantage of exotic material such as Inconel, Aluminum 6061, Invar, and Titanium printed on the EOS EOSINT M290 and EOS EOSINT M270 platforms.

Finnovation can offer fully finished DMLS parts.  Heat treatment, post machining, applied coatings, etc: All can be delivered from 1 source and to the strictest specification.  If your project requires AS9100D or ISO 13485:2016 Finnovation has you covered.  Finnovation is actively seeking DMLS sintering contracts and offers a 1 stop solution for the most demanding engineering projects on Earth. Contact us today to discuss your project and join the DMLS manufacturing evolution.

Always 100% MADE IN THE USA