The world of 3D printing has been greatly expanded, thanks to a combination of keen ingenuity, leading-edge print technology, and materials that allow for an endless spectrum of colors, designs, sizes, densities, and many other physical and chemical attributes.  As one of the nation's leading 3D printing firms, Finnovation is dedicated to using, or assisting you in selecting the ideal thermoplastic base for your project.

  • Wide range of plastic composites for every 3D print application
  • Choice materials ensure stunning detail, clean lines and deep color
  • Finnovation offers Ultem, ABS, ESD7 and many others
  • We follow strict adherence to all manufacturer specifications
  • Ideal for CAD models, rapid prototypes, and finished designs

Superior Thermoplastic Materials for Superior 3D Printing

We understand that exceptional 3D printed prototypes begin with exceptional raw materials.  Finnovation utilizes the finest and most durable thermoplastics for projects of every genre.

ABS Plastic

With its rigid strength and long lasting durability, ABS plastic is ideal for a wide range of 3D printing applications and rapid prototypes.  In addition to its heat resistance, stability and impact, ABS is also one of the most versatile plastics available for injection molding and other innovative 3D printing uses.

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Ultem has become increasingly popular for use in 3D print environments, based on its remarkably high resistance to heat, flames, solvents as well as many other compounds.  At Finnovation, we can create prototypes and 3D printed materials using Ultem, to ensure years of durability and safety.

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When it comes to creating fused deposition molds, the two primary concerns are strength and resistance to high heat.  PC-ABS thermoplastics are an ideal solution for manufacturers and engineers looking to create high-quality prototypes, without the worry of heat degradation or structural instability.

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What can you do with ABSi plastic in your prototype?  The real question is what can't you do?  In addition to the freedom of manufacturing directly from one of your existing digital files, ABSi is an excellent choice for conceptual prototypes, design validation, and many other 3D printing applications.  Finnovation has relied on ABSi for some of its most impressive productions.

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Excessive static and unforeseen static charges are one of the number one culprits of any 3D printing process.  For applications where static is a fundamental concern, Finnovation can use ABS ESD7 to ensure a prototype that is clean, accurate and impervious to the design flaws often caused by unforeseen static charge events.

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Which Thermoplastic for Your 3D Prototype?

If you're wondering which type of thermoplastic material is best for your 3D printed prototype, or if you would like to know more on why Finnovation is the best choice for your manufacturing needs, please call and speak with one of our staff experts today.