Rapid PrototypingRapid Prototyping is the term used to describe the creation of physical and functional prototypes coupled with modern CAD (computer aided design) software and the latest in 3D Printing technology.  The term rapid prototyping covers a vast assortment of 3D printing technology and CAD software.  There is not a specific 3D Printing process that exclusively defines rapid prototyping.  Rather it is an emerging concept being adopted by many manufacturers and producers big or small.  It is these producers who define how rapid prototyping applies to their individual design concepts.

Rapid Prototyping is growing in popularity because it allows anyone to create a physical model of their design without expensive tooling costs associated with common manufacturing techniques.  Rapid prototyping allows design flaws to be discovered prior to full scale manufacturing that could have resulted in even higher re-tooling costs.  Consider rapid prototyping as a stepping stone to full scale manufacturing that literally saves thousands of dollars throughout the process and ensures the designs are streamlined and successful.  

Since rapid prototyping encompasses many different 3D printing technologies, there are a variety of materials that can be used in the rapid prototyping process.  Whether your design calls for ABS plastic or titanium, there is a rapid prototyping solution to fit your needs.  Prior prototyping projects that took six weeks take now take just days.  To a manufacturer or producer rapid prototyping sounds "almost too good to be true,"  but I assure you it's real and it's revolutionizing manufacturing.

Contact us to find out how rapid prototyping can speed up your design process and ensure your project is a success.  Finnovation Product Development specializes in assisting clients and developing a tactical approach to producing the clients designs using the latest in rapid prototyping technology.  At Finnovation Product Development, we put your ideas into your hands.