The Virtual Prototype Packages is a collection of Product Development Services put together to assist anyone in getting their product idea ready for patenting, presentation, prototyping, engineering  and manufacturing.   This service package is designed to get a completed design concept “ready for reality.”  Having a quality Virtual Prototype is the heart of any successful project.  Utilizing our services adds corporate level quality to your project. Finnovation Product Development never outsources design work, and I personally guarantee your satisfaction in all our services.

Ian D Finn
Finnovation Product Development LLC

The Virtual Prototype Package includes:

  • A fully developed 3D CAD assembly of your finished* and approved design completed using Autodesk Product Design Suite Ultimate Edition 2013 engineering grade CAD software.  The Virtual Prototype includes every feature/part detailed to the nuts and bolts, material specification, surface finish, and even the physical properties for strict FEA requirements. 
  • Complete 2D visual representation in the form of Patent Drawing Views, Assembly Drawing, and Technical Detail Drawings, including section and exploded views, etc as needed by the client.
  • Professional quality Photorealistic Renderings of your Virtual Prototype for presentation purposes, pre-marketing, and advertising.   Renderings include visualized material options, surface finishes, and material textures utilizing the Autodesk Certified, Nvidia Quadro 6000 GPU. Your virtual product renderings will impress investors, add clarity to the project, can be used in preliminary marketing, and much more.  
  • CAD file maintenance to ensure most current version.
  • All Virtual Prototypes created by Finnovation Product Development are automatically priced at our lowest bulk pricing structure for 3D printing and rapid prototyping of your design**
  • Weekly Live "Augmented Reality" meetings are offered to ensure the progress is accurate to the client’s designs and that all requirements are being met.  
  • Kickstarter Assistance: Finnovation Product Development will cater product renderings and needed material to provide a corporate grade presentation for your Kickstarter submission.

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Top Secret

We understand client confidentiality, and will gladly sign a client provided NDA.  Finnovation Product Development considers every project “Top Secret” unless otherwise stated.  Most of our work is kept confidential, however, in some cases confidentiality is not a requirement.  With the client’s permission, Finnovation Product Development will promote the clients product idea and services utilized. This is excellent for marketing and promotional purposes while utilizing’s nationwide reach.  Specific details on product promotion require consultation.

* Finished designs refer to a client’s model that does not require further mechanical, or electrical engineering.  Projects that require engineering or creative design work are not considered finished.  Engineering and creative design work is available through other services and requires consultation.   While comparable in price, this type of engineering/design work is considered a preliminary step to Virtual Prototyping.

** 3D printing or rapid prototyping service is not included in the Virtual Prototype Package.  3D Printing quotes are generated upon client final approval.