One of the biggest challenges with 3D printing, is the manufacturing of static-dissipative prototypes and finished product designs.  Even the most stable thermoplastics have been rendered vulnerable to the influence of debris, dust and miniscule airborne particles.  The static they generate can result in faulty designs, lost efficiency and other complications.  This is where ABS ESD7 truly shines.

Ideal Solution for Static-free 3D Print Applications

Not only does ABS ESD7 possess remarkable static dissipating properties, these versatile resins are also very stable.  In fact, ABS ESD7 is fast becoming one of the most sought-after of all anti-static thermoplastics.  They hold form and texture in a wide spectrum of temperatures, and can be used in the 3D conceptualizing of virtually any basic rapid prototype or engineering design.

  • For 3D printing with superior static-resilience & dissipation
  • Available for most rapid prototypes & engineering concepts
  • May help improve overall & initial product testing
  • Ideal way to reap the strength of ABS in a static-free design
  • Can be utilized in various colors and enhanced for durability & heat
  • Yields clean, efficient applications & prototypes

Trust Finnovation 3D Printing on ABS ESD7 Prototypes

At Finnovation, we're renown in our industry for our work with ABS ESD7.  It requires a high level of patience, planning and attention to the most seemingly mundane details.  Our clients have included medical device manufacturers, computer and technology firms, defense companies and many others.

When your prototype calls for absolutely precise static dissipation, backed by the known performance, strength and versatility of ABS plastics, you can have confidence in our staff of industry-leading 3D print professionals.

Call or e-mail us today to get started on your 3D print prototype, or learn more about the advantages of designing with ABS ESD7 thermoplastic compounds.