We offer nationwide competitive 3D Printing and rapid prototyping services. Offering SLA, SLS, and FDM technology we provide you with the best 3D Printing solution for your design needs.  We are a one stop 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping service provider.  Finnovation Product Development also offer full virtual prototypes and 3D CAD modeling using the latest in parametric modeling technology. 

S.L.A. - Stereolithography Machines use liquid resins that are cured with a UV Laser. This method is a very popular choice due to its unmatched resolution, and high durability.  Many different materials options are available to suit your design needs.  We proudly use 3D Systems technology for our SLA needs.

  • Unmatched resolution and surface detail
  • Extremely fast build times
  • Tough, flexible, clear and high temperature materials available
pro jet 3d printing

S.L.S. - Selective Laser Sintering machines use a CO2 Laser to "weld" a very small particle to the very small particle next to it, and so on. Parts made on this type of machine have a wide range of materials, including metal, to provide exactly what you need from a 3D printing solution. We proudly use 3D Systems for our SLS needs.

selective laser sintering 3d printing
  • Large build volume
  • Diverse thermo plastic options
  • Excellent resolution
  • Suitable for large qty part production runs

F.D.M. - Fused Deposition Modeling - This is a very basic and straightforward approach to 3D Printing. In this process a variety of thermoplastics are precisely extruded to build parts.  F.D.M. is generally the most cost effective 3D Printing option and provides well rounded durability.  We proudly use Dimension and Fortus machines for our FDM needs.

  • Large build capacity
  • Tough variety of thermoplastic
  • Multiple colors available
  • Most cost effective process
fortus 400mc 3d printing machine

CAD and Virtual Modeling

Today, and in the future, everything that is manufactured will be based on a CAD Virtual Model.  Our in house experts are equipped to handle all of your CAD Virtual Modeling needs.  We never, under any circumstances, outsource CAD work to foreign countries.  All of our work is done in the USA and we guarantee your satisfaction for as long as you use the model.  We stand by our work Check out our portfolio for some examples of our work!

virtual modeling 3d printing ray gun 3d virtual model

autodesk 3dsystems fortus 3d production systems