For heavy duty 3D printing concepts and prototypes requiring superior strength, realistic textures & appearance, and uncompromising tension resistance, PC-ABS is the thermoplastic of choice for a growing body of manufacturing and engineering firms.

PC-ABS Delivers Strength, Flexibility & Realistic Finish

While it's known throughout the manufacturing community as perhaps one of the most durable thermoplastics, PC-ABS has also opened countless doors for those seeking 3D printed conceptual prototypes.  As the potential of 3D printing technology evolves, more and more industries are discovering the benefits of this incredibly impressive composite.

  • The perfect union of strength, versatility and detailed finish
  • Produces a smooth lines, shined surfaces & thorough detail
  • Results in a finished surface that closely resembles final design
  • Ideal for industrial concept designs, machinery prototypes
  • Offers unmatched flexibility compared to other thermoplastics

Why Finnovation for PC-ABS Prototype 3D Print Designs

Finnovation specializes in the production of PC-ABS rapid prototypes, in addition to a wide range of other plastic-based engineering designs.  Our team has ample experience working within a variety of PC-ABS 3D print environments, and can ensure that your finished prototype is exactly as you and your engineers envisioned during its design conceptual phase.

And, because we use only the most state-of-the-art 3D printers and rapid prototype technology, you can be assured that your project is completed efficaciously under the most detail-driven specifications.  Regardless of where you are in the conceptual or design phases, if you're considering bringing your vision to brilliant life via 3D prototyping, we're eager to help make it perfect.

Learn more about 3D Printing with PC-ABS

Call or write Finnovation today to discuss your project, schedule and appointment, or simply get more information on the vast advantages of 3D printing.  We will be glad to work with you at any point in the process, as well as in start-to-finish and patent applications.