As one of the most popular and frequently-utilized 3D printing thermoplastics, ABS plastic possesses some of the most desirable physical and chemical characteristics needed for the production of highly-detailed, durable and accurately-designed rapid and concept prototypes.

Finnovation is well-versed in all aspects of ABS plastic.  Throughout the entire process of bringing your 3D concept to life, strict attention to detail and manufacturing specifications are adhered to.

An ideal thermoplastic for 3D print prototypes

A number of factors unite to make ABS one of the most popular thermoplastics, when creating rapid prototypes or other 3D print services.  With a stability that ranges from -4 to 176 °F, or −20 to 80 °C, it provides higher impact resilience and long-lasting stability, even at variable temperatures.  A perfect example of this is Legos™, one of the most well-known and best-selling ABS plastic products ever brought to the market.

  • Versatile in a wide range of 3D print prototype applications
  • Demonstrates superior shine and glass transition properties
  • Can be modified to yield specific physical & visual traits
  • Derived from a carefully balanced mix of butadiene & styrene
  • Highly stable even at low or hot temperatures & melt points
  • Perfectly suitable for both injection molds and ABS extrusions

Why Finnovation for ABS Plastic 3D Print Prototypes

We were here at the advent of 3D printing, and our passion shows in every design we do.  By utilizing the very best materials, the most leading-edge 3D printers and technology, and a team of the country's most experienced rapid prototyping experts, we at Finnovation take each project personally.  Your vision, our expertise, shared success.

If you're in the concept or development phase and considering 3D print technology, we invite you to call and see why so many of the nation's top engineers and manufacturers trust us implicitly.  Schedule your complementary 3D design consultation today.