Metals for 3D Printing & Prototyping

In the world of 3D printing and rapid prototyping, metal compounds offer a veritably limitless palette of engineering and manufacturing creativity.  In addition to the strength and extended durability they present, metal also affords your engineers and designers with the freedom to craft unmatched lines, razor thin detail and truly remarkable appearances.

As one of New York's most established and well-respected 3D printing and prototyping firms, we work with a diverse range of manufacturing metals, to help you bring your vision to life in a more expedited and economically-pleasing manner.

  • One of the country's fastest-growing 3D printers
  • We work with a comprehensive selection of metals
  • Available for concept design, rapid prototypes and more
  • Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, Nickel, Chrome & many others
  • All manufacturer specs & cautions followed meticulously
  • Only high-grade metals used, from respected metal manufacturers

Better Metals & Process, for Successful 3D Prototypes

Just as no two concept designs are exactly the same, nor are two manufacturing metals identical.  Each metal carries with it a unique set of properties which allow it to thrive in the production of various products.  At Finnovation, our experience in the 3D printing industry allows us to work closely with engineers and inventors, in determining the best metal for their specific application.  


Lightweight, affordable and extremely versatile in application potential, aluminum remains one of the world's most popular manufacturing metal compounds.  It's a favorite among engineers based on its stability and cost ratio, and can be used in a broad range of rapid prototype designs.

Cobalt Chrome

With its illustrious appearance, stable price structure and surface finishes that are exceptionally resistant to damage and scratches, it's no wonder more and more engineering firms and designers are turning to Cobalt Chrome… one of our true specialties here at Finnovation.

Maraging Steel

Universally regarded as among the most durable of all iron alloys, Maraging Steel is perfect for 3D printed rapid & concept prototypes where structural failure is not a viable option.  Unique chemical bonds at the molecular level give Maraging Steel unparalleled strength and heat resistance.     

Nickel Alloy

Famed for its ability to resist against corrosion and rust, Nickel Alloys are ideal for a growing number of metal prototypes.  Based on the finished properties desired, Nickel Alloy offers a fantastic range of variations, including low-expansion and magnetic alloys, copper and others.

Stainless Steel

If there's one metal that needs no formal introduction, this would be it.  Stainless steel is nothing short of remarkable in terms of strength, stability, versatility and longevity.  It can be used to create 3D printed concepts, as well as rapid-prototyping and practical design models.


Few other base manufacturing metals can compete with titanium in terms of luster, lightweight performance, and resistance to oxidation and corrosion.  3D print prototypes from titanium are increasingly popular among medical devise & surgical tool manufacturers and many others.