Buffalo NY is known for many things, including the manufacturing of countless parts and products used today throughout the world.  And like any company committed to streamlining its design and production processes, many are looking for innovative and cost-saving methods to help expedite and improve the quality of new product development.  Over the past decade, 3D printing has emerged as an effective solution for some of the most successful Buffalo-based manufacturers.

Now recognized as the leading Upstate NY 3D printing service provider, Finnovation Product Development is proud to offer a complete spectrum of 3D print services to manufacturers in the Buffalo area.  While still located in Rochester NY, Finnovation Product Development, LLC can deliver parts to the Buffalo area in as little as 1 day.  Here are just a few of the ways that we can help you improve the efficiency of your parts and new product development phases.

Rapid Prototype Development

If you work in the field of engineering, product development or industrial manufacturing, you know the value of bringing your parts and products to the market in the most expeditious time frame possible.  Or perhaps you're a start-up looking for an economical way to create detailed design models without exhausting your prototype budget.  Rapid Prototyping allows manufacturers of every size to create stunningly realistic product models with the assistance of CAD software.

SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) - Real Parts, Real Fast.

Selective laser sintering is a more advanced 3D printing service that not only creates accurate, functional designs, but also one which allows manufactures increased freedom in the intent of the design.  Powered Nylon 12 is laser-fused into solids based on the CAD model specifications, and then created on 3D Printers in layers to product prototypes that are remarkably detailed and accurate.  At Finnovation we've made significant investments in our equipment, including the sPro SLS Center known for its detail, speed and creative flexibility.   The 3D Systems sPro is the M1 Abrams of 3D printers.

Learn More About How Finnovation Serves Buffalo, NY

If you're a manufacturer or product development firm in the Buffalo area whose looking for more economical ways to improve and expedite production, Finnovation can help you in ways you may have never considered.  We offer a full range of professional 3D printing services, and continue to work with some of the area's most successful manufacturers, engineers and developers.

3D Laser Scanning

Need an accurate and cost-effective way to convert finished objects into functional CAD files?  Finnovation uses some of the most advanced 3D laser scan services to help enhance your design and development processes.  Once scanned, your prototype can be easily imported into any number of CAD software suites where they can be modified or reconfigured.  Laser 3D scanning is an ideal solution for those who routinely deal with rapid prototypes, reverse engineering and many other manufacturing applications.

To get started or learn more about the many advantages of 3D printing in Buffalo, call Finnovation Product Development today at 585-472-9932.