Full Disclosure: I didn't actually create a "battle-tech style" robot and shoot ED-209 with real bullets. It was actually all done on the computer to showcase the abilities (both virtual and real) of Finnovation Product Development. That being said, 3D printed materials have come a long way since the birth of the technology 30 years ago and materials to produce 3D printed body armor are not too far off.

It has taken a while for additive manufacturing technology to catch on. While the idea is intriguing, engineers and manufacturers are looking for more than a fragile model to discuss in the boardroom. They need real additive manufacturing solutions that are truly cost effective and allow them to produce more efficiently. 

It is only in the last few years that additive manufacturing technology and material selections have caught up with the strict requirements of manufacturers. It is the commitment of these manufacturers that will propel this technology into further refinement. It is my role as an Additive Manufacturing service provider to ensure that this technology can meet the demands of corporate manufacturing.

I have done my homework, and the technology that Finnovation employs is well researched to provide true additive manufacturing solutions to corporate manufacturers. Currently Finnovation uses the 3D Systems sPro Selective Laser Sintering platform as it's goto technology. The sPro SLS covers about 80% of the demand for additive manufacturing solutions. The remaining 20% will be fulfilled by the 3D Systems SLM platform, Phenix.  Previous metal printing technologies left much to be desired and are not cost effective.  The Phenix system operates at 70% less of previous cost.  Additionally the Phenix technology is able to print parts with minimal to no machining needed post process.  3D Systems Phenix technology bring metal materials to additive manufacturing as a true solution to corporate manufacturers who aim to incorporate 3D printing technology into their existing process.

If you are an engineer looking for the latest and most dynamic additive manufacturing solutions, contact Finnovation Product Development today.