3D Printing in Rochester NYFinnovation Product Development, LLC located in Rochester, NY now offers full color 3d printing services available nationwide.  Full color 3D printing is an excellent way to prototype for the following industries:

  • Consumer products
  • Medical Models
  • Automotive Components

The Stratasys J750 is Polyjet Technology that uses the Vero family of materials to create stunning, full color models for a variety of uses.  The J750 also uses the flexible Tango materials that allow for "rubber-like" printing in full CMYK color.   Additionally, the J750 allows for transparent material to be included in the printed design.  A truly dynamic platform.

3D Printing by FinnovationFinnovation also offers full color printing on the 3D Systems Projet CJP 660Pro.  This is a binder jet technology that allows for fast, low cost color 3D printing of your designs.  Excellent for design verification and visual explanations of assembly cutaways  for internal part verification.

The 3D Systems Projet CJP 660Pro is also a perfect way to get yourself printed in a full color 3D figurine!  This is the future of  photography.  Instead of a family portrait, how about a scale model of your family that can be displayed on your mantle right next to those old 2D photos!  Need a custom made bobble-head for your friends or family? Contact Finnovation today for more information on preserving your memories in full color 3D.