3D printing has come a long way from its experimental roots, and is today being used by businesses from an increasingly diverse range of industries.  Not only does 3D printing technology allow for more cost effective rapid prototypes, they also open up entirely new creative possibilities, while allowing manufacturing and engineering firms to produce more cost effectively.

Reduces Research & Development Expenses

Part of staying innovative is being able to create value, with safer and more effective products for less cost.  This is one area where 3D printers and additive manufacturing technology is allowing many WNY companies to thrive.  Projects that previously took weeks can be completed in days allowing manufacturers to bring their ideas to market faster and more cost effectively.

Expedites Process from Initial Concept to Finished Design

Working with a 3D printing company significantly expedites product development times, as design changes and tooling modifications can be made in real time. With additive manufacturing technology multiple enhancements can be made simultaneously.  Companies who utilize 3D printing technology are finding even more applications to further enhance their design, and manufacturing process.

Increased Design Flexibility

Conventional design, engineering and manufacturing processes have their known limitations. This is not the case when 3D printing technology is implemented. Using advanced SLS production grade 3D printers creates a less restrictive design environment allowing for more creativity, innovation and added value: "Less tools, less rules and faster production."

Which companies are using 3D printing?

  • Boeing, for engine and many other exterior/interior parts
  • GM, for many of their intake manifolds, prototypes, aerodynamics.
  • Lotus Formula 1 Racing Team, for functional lightweight aerodynamics, and functional parts.
  • Mattel, for rapid prototyping toy and game design

If you are a manufacturer and are looking for solutions on how to employ the latest in additive manufacturing technology to enhance your process, Finnovation Product Development can assist.  Finnovation is located in Rochester NY and offers the latest in additive manufacturing and 3D printing services. Contact Us today for more information.