3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, creates small parts with intricate design and detailed infrastructures. 3D printing has recently grown in both popularity and clout as a technology that works well for low volume printing. There are several advantages that 3D printing offers over traditional manufacturing methods for printing low volumes of one to 10,000.

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Benefits of Additive Manufacturing for Low Volume Runs:


Using 3D technology saves manufacturers time since tooling is not required. The timeline to get a product to market is drastically reduced thanks to cutting the tooling step out altogether.

In fact, the average 3D printing job only takes one to two days. Tooling for mass production processes can take weeks or months to yield even simple parts, due to the mold creation process.

Lower Cost

Not only is tooling a timely process, it can be expensive, too. The initial cost of creating the tool is avoided simply because 3D printing does not require a mold. There is no minimum order volume to offset the cost of creating the mold, either, making 3D printing a great option for low volume runs. 

Design Freedom & Flexibility

3D printing allows manufacturers to prototype more than one design at a time. Even after a prototype has been selected, design changes sometimes need to occur. 3D printing allows for reasonable alterations or corrections with 3D CAD software as needed. Updates can be made based off of market or stakeholder response by altering the design for upcoming runs as well. Traditional manufacturing such as injection molding, on the other hand, requires a high level of finality before committing to production.

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