Visitors to this year's Detroit Auto Show will be among the first to witness just how far 3D printing has come over the past few years.  The maker of this truly innovative electric car, Local Motors, recently introduced their new Strati at the 2015 auto show in Detroit.  And while it may be some time before you actually see one cruising the highways, the most impressive aspect of the automobile is that it is made almost entirely from 3D printed parts.  As mentioned in the video, some non-printed parts are added to make it drivable, though the majority comes fresh off an industrial-grade 3D printer.

The Future of 3D Printing

As you watch a 3D printed car make the rounds at the auto show, it's almost impossible to not ask yourself what (if any) are the limits to 3D print technology in manufacturing?  To date, we have witnessed things like 3D-printed houses, human limbs and commercial jetliner parts.  And as the technology continues to expand, the possibilities of what can be achieved using these state of the art printers continues to push the limits of the imagination.

Many manufacturers have already recognized the vast advantages of 3D-printing, and are now utilizing it to improve their own designs and production times.  In fact, some estimates suggest that close to 70% of the worlds' top manufacturers are already manufacturing with 3D printers.  Some of the most notable include:

  • Ford Motor Company
  • Intel Corporation
  • General Electric
  • Boeing
  • Mattel
  • Nike
  • American Pearl

More impressive, manufacturing parts with 3D printers is helping businesses save money on design time while expediting the process of bringing products to market.  Rapid prototypes allow manufacturers and their clients to make design modifications on the fly, thus reducing the excess costs of going back to the proverbial drawing board.

If you're a manufacturer or engineer concerned with increasing production, improving your design process or expediting time to market, Finnovation Product Development offers high tech solutions for functional parts using industrial grade 3D Printing technology.  Call us today at 585-472-9932 for a free consultation, or to learn more about how 3D print technology can help you manufacture more efficiently.