Each year thousands of children lose or are born without the use of a hand or fingers, and as anyone can imagine, this can be can have an unfathomable negative impact on their self-confidence, development and ability to socialize with others.  And while the science used to design and manufacture prosthetic limbs continues to advance, countless families remain unable to afford previous prosthetic options.  It was this motivation that inspired one organization to use 3D printing technology make a real difference through open source, and affordable 3d printed designs.

Humble Beginnings, Big Impact

Now in just their second year of operation, the e-NABLE community is a global network of volunteers from a wide spectrum of industries dedicated to helping children who were born without, or lost one or both hands.  The organization, which is genuinely non-profit and strictly volunteer based, began with two professionals--a prop maker from the US and a carpenter from South Africa--whose goal was simply to help one child in need.

Fast forwarding two years at the time of this writing, the e-NABLE project has given away over 1,500 prosthetic hands and fingers to children across the world; all of which were created through a combination of love and ingenuity, and manufactured on state-of-the-art 3D printers.

Giving Super Kids Super Powers

In addition to reducing the stress of insurance companies and massive hospital bills, e-NABLE creates prosthetic hands and limbs that truly make kids feel the little heroes they are.  Some are designed in the theme of their favorite superhero, others using their favorite colors or other things close to their heart.  By personalizing the device to each child's specific interests, it serves as a way to help them build confidence and draw positive attention from their peers.

If you would like to get involved or learn more about how the e-NABLE community is using 3D printing to give the world a helping hand, please click the link on our website for complete information.

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