From the most simple at-home designs to the most complex production-grade rapid prototypes and functional parts, 3D Systems' line of full-color 3D printers allows users of every size and budget to create models faster and with unmatched detail.

ProJet 460 3D Color PrinterProJet 460 Plus

For users seeking a combination of functionality, affordability and ease of use, the ProJet 460 Plus is a powerful little workhorse that prints in full CMY color.  It's also the industry's most affordable 3D printer, making it perfect for small businesses, schools and professional organizations.

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ProJet 660 3D Color PrinterProJet 660

The ProJet 660 makes it fast and easy to create highly-realistic and photo quality 3D models and rapid prototypes, and has been used by some of the world's most renown manufacturers.  Get increased color flexibility and expand your creative range, in a safe and easy-to-use professional-grade 3D printer.

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ProJet 860 3D Color PrinterProJet 860

As 3D Systems' most productive professional production grade 3D printer, the ProJet 860 features full four-color CMYK 3D printing capabilities, five print heads, the line's largest build volume capacity, and exquisitely detailed resolution.  Create large models with dimensions reaching up to 20" x 9" x 15".

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ProJet 4500 3D Color PrinterProJet 4500

When attention to even the finest detail is your company's top priority, the ProJet 4500 offers unparalleled photo-realistic 3D printing.  VisiJet® C4 Spectrum™ plastic materials make it easier to communicate your design intent more clearly, while improving the look, feel and finished composition.

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