From industry-leading manufacturers and design firms, to engineering executives and Fortune 500 companies, the ProJet 860 Pro continues to redefine the way some of today's top companies serve the needs of their clients.  With its maximum build size of 20" x 15" x 9" from five low-micron print heads, the 860 series offers faster print speeds in full color, with stunning accuracy and detail.  Now your team can expedite each phase of process when creating full-color rapid prototypes, finished design models and visual presentations.  Bring your products to market long before the competition, while improving productivity and minimizing production redundancy.

ProJet 860 3D Color Printer

  • Create visually stunning architectural models
  • Perfect for larger 3D prints, industrial molds and castings
  • Effortlessly create single-piece scale models with no mess
  • Capture the intricate details of fine art and sculptures
  • An affordable, time saving solution for printing functional parts

ProJet 860 Specifications

  • Printer dimensions: 47" x 48" x 68"
  • Maximum build size:  20" x 15" x 9"

3D Print Technology Features

  • Printing technology:  Granular
  • Build Materials:  Ceramic
  • Prints Multiple Colors:  Yes
  • Print resolution:  100 Microns
  • Print precision:  100 microns

Network Connectivity & System Requirements

  • Supported Operating System:  Windows
  • Connectivity:  USB 2.0
  • Files supported:  .stl
  • Power settings:  7.5-15 A @ 100-240 V