Despite being known as the new kid on the tech block, 3D printers have already emerged as one of today's most exciting types of product innovations.  And while it's been made abundantly clear that 3D printing and rapid prototyping can be used to create everything from facial implants and prosthetics, to scale model homes and plastic pistols, some of the most promising work is centered around how they can help improve lives.

According to a recent article in Forbes, a number of manufacturers of custom eyeglasses are now looking to 3D printers, as a means of streamlining their in-house manufacturing, while improving quality and lowering costs over time.  The frames that give glasses their shape and support are perfect candidates for this type of technology, as they are constructed from metals and thermoplastics, and therefore require no new additional design or manufacturing conversions.

Advantages of 3D Printing for Manufacturers

As evidenced by a number of manufacturers who are already working with 3D printing, this type of technology allows them to develop products that are stronger, better looking with cleaner lines, and in many case, more lightweight.  Traditional methods were limited to certain materials, which has had a significant impact on price, availability, and other factors.  With 3D printing, there is a seemingly endless array of manufacturing potential, thanks to an extensive list of compounds that work exceptionally in 3D print applications.

Of course, these are long term goals and there will be many kinks to work out, before eyeglasses printed on 3D printers are the mainstream norm.  Keep in mind that we're talking about a technology that, to many, is as cutting edge as they come.  This can intimidate some companies.

3D Printed Glasses

3D Print & Rapid Prototyping in Rochester NY

As a leader in 3D printing and rapid prototypes, Finnovation will continue to follow the trends of these, as well as other products which show the strongest potential.  We work with a wide spectrum of manufacturers and engineers, and are constantly exploring new ways to help improve the integrity and appeal of your products, while minimizing cost and expediting production and line efficiency.

If you're a manufacturer and concerned about the rising costs associated with traditional and outdated prototyping, we encourage you to see why so many of the world's most notable companies are turning to 3D printing.  And when it comes to rapid and concept prototype development in Western NY, no other company can compete with Finnovation's experience, expertise and leading-edge 3D print technology.  Let us know what line of work you're in, and what you'd like to accomplish.  We can work with existing designs, assist you in custom tailoring a new product, or help you bring your patent prototype to life.