There is simply no argument over the fact that 3D printer technology has revolutionized the way today's leading manufacturers do business.  In a marketplace where success is often determined by timing, full-color 3D printing allows engineers and product developers to create stunningly realistic design concepts and prototypes in a fraction of the time they once took.  For manufacturers, this means bringing new and innovative products to market before the competition, while minimizing downtime and production costs.

  • Expedited development and production times
  • A smart way to reduce manufacturing expenses
  • Fast, realistic full-color prototypes and concept models
  • The ability to bring new products to market faster
  • Ideal for manufacturing firms, engineers, product developers
  • An affordable solution for functional parts manufacturers

ProJet 3D Color Printers

At the forefront of the 3D color print movement is 3D Systems and their innovative line of ProJet printers.  As the industry's most sought after line of high-performance full-color 3D printers, ProJet offers everything from basic personal models, to professional and production-grade units.

The ProJet line features leading-edge designs and technology upgrades, allowing it to significantly enhance its wide-ranging capture, touch and perceptual functionality.  As evidenced by some of todays' most successful manufacturers, they allow users to create faster, communicate better with clients, and improve efficiency during product development and design phases.

Improve Productivity, from Concept Prototypes to Functional Parts

ProJet 3D printers have been designed to, seamlessly, accurately, streamline the process of going from a sketch design to a finished functional part.  The plastic models you can generate are durable enough to be used or distributed as readily workable parts, allowing you to meet industry demands or improve your own efficiency.

Full-Color 3D Models for Every Business or Organization

Regardless of whether you're a hospital, an architectural firm or an educational institution, a ProJet 3D printer can instantly improve the creativity and potential of your work.  Use them to create more visual presentations, or to educate your staff and students through custom design models.

Medical & Healthcare 3D Print Solutions

ProJet color 3-D printers are already changing the way people live better, healthier lives.  They're commonly used to create custom orthodontics, hearing devices, surgical tools, as well as thousands of functional parts needed for their production.