If you think that 3D Printing technology is just used for rapid prototypes here's an application that demonstrates the true potential of today's modern 3D printing technology. Recently, a two-year old girl born with a rare form of the disease AMC (a disease characterized by limbs that lock into a non-movable position) was recently the recipient of a historic feat of modern science & technology.

The 3D printing company tasked with the project ended up designing and prototyping a set of artificial limbs, along with a vest for attachment and mobility. Today she can do many of the activities performed by others her age, with the option of having them enhanced and extended as she grows.  Simply remarkable.

Using 3D Printers to Create Your Own Miracles

3D Printing for Medical technologyMost people in a position to benefit from such considerable advancements, realistically, won’t be utilizing it for the purposes of creating anything outside the business or industrial realm.  Still, a great number of these companies and innovators are already turning to 3-D printing as a way of designing new products, as well as the creation of rapid prototypes for both limited and mass design.

As with the case of Emma and her new fully-functioning arms, there is quite literally no limit to what the pioneers of this immensely exciting industry are capable of dreaming up.  3D printing offers a substantial reduction in weight, improved versatility, and the freedom to create, alter and recreate in a fraction of the time as traditional CAD models and prototyping processes.

Advanced 3D Printer Services in Rochester NY

If you're a business or manufacturer who specializes in new product development, and are looking for a faster, more accurate and improved way of manufacturing, Finnovation Product Development, LLC offers a complete array of unparalleled 3D print services, for those who demand the absolute highest level of detail and performance.  We specialize in the creation of 3D printed parts, virtual prototyping, as well as 3D CAD and laser scanning services.

Best of all, through smart operations and long-term ties with the makers of today's most advanced 3-D print technology, we are able to offer rates and turnaround times that are incomparable in the state of NY.  Before you begin your next product concept or prototype model, we encourage you to call us at 585-472-9932 to learn more or schedule your initial free consultation.  You can also e-mail us in confidence with your project concerns and requirements, to begin the process of saving money, improving prototype integrity and expediting the process of design to finished product.

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